At least I am not the only one not ready…

25 07 2008

Thankfully, I won’t need to get a visa. My credential acts as a visa for entry into the country. I still needed to make a trip to the Chinese consulate in NY. My colleague and I need to register the camera gear so that we can get through customs when we land in Beijing. We went in today, and what a pain in the ass. After waiting in line in the visa hall, we were told that we need to apply for a visa. Of course, they were wrong. So they sent us to line #1, which is 30 people long. There is a lot of yelling and arguing in chinese at the front of the line. After we realized that was not where we needed to go, we found our way to a different entrance. To get in that door there was a phone. And a phone directory. Written in chinese. I guess we looked clueless enough in the security camera, because a nice man came out to help us. Long story short, after waiting in a room for over 2 hours that was clearly being monitored (they were watching us) they finally told us we’d have to come back. Maybe next week. So, in the mean time, as I anxiously await the call, check out this video. I’m leaving the swimming trunks home…




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26 07 2008
Jo-Ann Nelson

Good choice leaving the swim trunks home, swimming in that water seems precarious at best. Any athlete who swims in that should automatically be awarded a gold medal. Stay out of the water!!!

Hope the call comes sooner rather than later.

31 07 2008

oh, btw, you should realize…i’m using you as bragging rights. When people talk about the olympics…”Oh yeah, my brother-in-law is going…yeah he’s a photographer for a newspaper up north.. yeah this is like his 4th olympics”..
Hoep u dont mind LOL

1 08 2008
Jo-Ann Nelson

Well, here it is one day before departure and I just wanted to touch base and wish you a safe and enjoyable journey. While I know your purpose for being in Beijing is work related, I hope that you will have an opportunity to take some time to savor and enjoy the experience.

See you when you return.

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