Going out in style…

1 08 2008

24 hours till the flight. I just got back from Walmart, had to buy some granola bars so that I will have something to eat that I know won’t put in the bathroom. I’ve seen pictures of the bathrooms in China… I will be sure to shoot one once get there. But for now, happy thoughts.

I am checked in for the flight. Seat 3L, which by the way, is in first class. first class seat

At first I felt a little guilty about upgrading, since my four other co-workers are stuck in the back, but that wore off once I saw the menu being served in first…

Dear Continental, you had me at DESSERT CART!

Sorry boys. Considering the news yesterday that the paper may be sold, I’m going to enjoy one last trip.

I am almost packed. I’ll be taking 1 loaded camera bag and a backpack with my laptop, ipod, PSP, etc. onto the plane. Hopefully they won’t weigh the camera bag, it’s over 50 lbs. Then I’ll be checking 2 other bags with clothes and 60 pounds of other assorted camera gear.

It appears that all of the concerns of China censoring internet access are true. Check this CNN story. Considering I am in an official media hotel, I am sure someone will be watching me. Its unclear if I will be able to blog freely from there. All I can think about is the movie Good Morning Vietnam, with the censors. So, if my blogs come across with black lines thru anything, you’ll know that they got to me.

I am setting up a personal VPN so that will hopefully not be a problem.

So, that’s it for now. I still need to do a couple things. Like lunch, where I’ll eat my last slice of real pizza for a month.




3 responses

1 08 2008
Jo-Ann Nelson

First Class looks fantastic and a Dessert Cart, what more could you hope for. Maybe a shorter flight!!!

Take care. See you soon.

1 08 2008

If they’re tracking my Web traffic, there could be trouble.

2 08 2008

That menu looks horrible….. *rolls eyes* Um, enjoy your flight…. sorry for the four suckers in the back. Anyone who believes you felt a “little” guilty needs to get their head examined.

Give ’em a show if they’ll be watching.

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