Day 1. The hotel.

3 08 2008

They’re waiting for us. No, seriously, they are. We we got to the hotel, there were 15 chinese men waiting to carry our luggage. Thankfully, they speak enough english at the front desk to help us get by.

Long story short, it’s hot here. Really hot, really humid. They don’t seem to appreciate A/C like we do, either. My room is something. I’ll start at the bathroom.

It’s small. The shower is basically the entire bathroom. The shower curtain is on the other side of the sink, so when you shower, the entire room gets wet.

There is a sign that says the water is not drinkable. But, they give you 2 cups. I’m confused.

I’ll leave you with one last photo. Politi got very excited when he saw the Olympic mascots at the airport to greet us. It’s gonna be an interesting trip!


Even first class was delayed

3 08 2008

Nothing like getting delayed an hour on a 14 hour flight. We knew it in the
boarding area watching a big dark cloud moving in over the airport. We
boarded as scheduled, but once I got onto the plane, the skies opened up.
Haven’t seen rain like that in a while. The plane shook from side to side
like there was an earthquake. That was fun. Then they pulled us away from
the gate and parked for 20 minutes. I got an email from Mills who was
sitting back in coach. He said they were delayed back there. Yes, even first
class was delayed, but the seats are more comfortable.

Once we got in the air the turbulence was pretty bad. I just got a drink
served when the plane was all over the place. Had to hold the glass in the
air just to insulate it from the bumps and keep it from spilling.
It’s been mostly smooth since then. I’m writing 2121 miles from Beijing,
only another 4 hours. The flight went straight north thru Canada, over the
north pole and now were over Russia. The strange part, it’s been sunny the
entire trip.

There was a point hours ago when I felt like I’d been on the plane forever.
Looked at the flight log and noticed that there was still 9 hours left!

Oh, and if you’re keeping score, the food was pretty good. Warmed nuts,
appetizer tray with smoked salmon and roast duck, followed by salad, I had
the steak for the entrée. Then they brought around a cart with cheese and
fruit. Might have been my favorite part, I found it hard to turn down. Then,
of course, the dessert cart. Yes, I would like nuts and whipped cream on my
ice cream! A few hours later they brought around a snack. You’ll all be
proud of me. I showed some restraint, just had the bowl of soup, passed on
the cheesecake.

We are at the hotel. There’s plenty more to blog. I’ll save that for later.