Don’t make me leave!

9 08 2008

Four hours in the Chengdu Shangri-La Hotel was not enough. This was easily one one the top 5 hotels I’ve ever stayed in. Knowing the Super 8 was waiting made it worse. But It’s ok, I got a parting gift. I stole a washcloth! There were none at the Super 8. If I could have fit the towels and the robe in my computer bag, I would have. Politi stole the body lotion. Then, he snuck it past Chinese airport security. It was quite a risk.

I am moving on. Today, a 17 hour day. The highlight, lunch. We ate lunch in the Beijing airport at a thai restaurant. The best green curry I’ve ever had. Then, 7 hours later, I had McDonalds. Just didn’t have time to stop for real food. Big surprise, it tastes like crap here, too. Manish, one of the other Ledger writers here has made McD’s a staple. He ate McD’s 3 times today.

I shot women’s fencing tonight. The US swept the medals. I love shooting fencing. Great backgrounds. Great reactions. I am really beat. I have to get back here in 8 hours to camp out for a photo position for swimming, where Michael Phelps will likely win his first of many gold medals here.

I just hope I don’t get stuck behind this photographer.