No duck.

10 08 2008

Today Michael Phelps won his first gold medal. I got about 5 hours of sleep last night. I guess I am past the jet lag. Today was the first day that I wasn’t already awake when the alarm went off. I got to swimming for about 8am, then grabbed a quick lunch, went to gymnastics, then back to swimming, then back to gymnastics, now, I’m back at swimming. I am pretty beat. Tomorrow, back to swimming. I need to find me some badminton!

This is what the start/finish photo position looks like. A friend shot the photo of me in the back row. I can only hope he had a little more room than I had!

Politi emailed me after the morning session of swimming. He and a colleague were going out for lunch at a place that specializes in Peking duck. I’ve been dying to get out for some duck. Politi, for some reason (slacker?) doesnt have anything to do for 8 hours before the China/USA basketball game tonight. I needed to go to gymnastics. After giving me crap for actually working here in China, he then sends me a one-word email.


Apparently the duck was good.

I hate him.

But you should read his blog linked above.

It finally rained here, tonight. I think that’s a good thing, since it was about 120% humidity today. I broke a sweat just thinking.

The Main Press Center or MPC as they call it, is starting to stink. The basement, where the cafeteria is, as well as the photographers area, has got this stench lingering that is hard to explain. I think it’s the smell of some sort of chinese condiment. It’s really hard to describe.

But, I am here for you, so i will try.

It reminds me of the way the tunnels of Madison Square Garden smell after the circus was in town. I can only guess that’s the elephant poop. I don’t know why the chinese people would put a condiment that smells like elephant poop on their food.