Sit or squat?

13 08 2008

Somehow I have made it this long without covering the subject, but the time
has come. My hotel has a normal, American potty. Sit down, get comfortable,
pull out the morning newspaper, normal.

And thank god for the American toilet. Because when people start reading
their news on a laptop on the toilet, my job will be IN the toilet!

Apparently the Chinese don’t read on the toilet. That, or they are acrobats.
The public toilets are essentially a hole in the ground. The good news, you
can still flush them, and sometimes, there’s even toilet paper there!. At the swimming venue, there is a choice in the bathroom.

Sit or squat.

There are a couple of each.

Us Americans have it easy. We don’t have to think about it.

I can’t really wrap my head around it, but I am going to guess bad knees are a factor.

So is your aim.