Long day, short blog.

15 08 2008

My day.

Up at 7am after 4 hours of sleep
7:40 bus to Main Press Center.

Walk to swimming early to hold position.


10:13 Shoot local girl winning gold medal in 200m breaststroke. Transmit everything on deadline (which still seems strange at 10:30AM)

11:45 run across street to catch the end of gymnastics where US wins gold and silver

Wonder how on earth this girl is that flexible.

2pm Eat lunch
3pm shoot a video

3:50 Get on bus to track cycling

Edit video on the bus

Shoot cycling for about an hour, then catch bus back so I can get to track and field to shoot US shot putters that were supposed to sweep the medals.

They gagged. Only a silver for the US. And not this guy above, who didn’t even get a throw in the playing field. But, he did rip his warmups off before every throw, so that has to count for something…

12:45am go to MPC, grab first food in 9 hours.

12:50, note to self. don’t eat the pizza in China.

Catch 1:20am bus to hotel

Write this blog on blackberry while on the bus.

Be glad I didn’t trip over the hurdle and land in the water pit.

Tomorrow, more swimming, more track, less sleep.