So, now what?

17 08 2008

So, I’ve been told that the first 9 days of the Olympics were not about my
crappy hotel, or housekeeping folding my dirty underwear, or even the
international incident that almost occurred when the very nice volunteers in
the cafeteria tried to help a colleague pick his ice cream.
I guess it’s really all about Michael Phelps. The guy is a freakin machine.

And I can blame the last 9 really long days on him.

10am finals every day are a bitch when you have to be there hours before to get a spot. But the last two days he made the hours worth it.

I spotted his mother and sisters, tearing up in the stands as he was getting his medal.

Then, every other photographer on the planet did, too.

Shooters were climbing over the rails to try to get close to the Phelps
family. A lot of these international photographers are just flat out jerks.
I saw one guy punch another in the face because he accidentally bumped into
him coming down the stairs. Another almost get tossed off the railing
because he was invading a photographer’s spot.

Me, I got 3 hours of sleep last night, so I was staying back.

The bad news, while I was shooting the scrum around his family, someone
knocked my laptop to the ground. I have a nice dent in the corner, but
thank god, it still works.

After the race, we hit our new favorite restaurant in the world. We found a
pretty high end buffet in a hotel attached to the press center. It’s about
$50 usd, but who cares. It’s the only meal I’ve eaten every day for the last 3 days.
There’s a sushi bar, a noodle bar and they’ll grill anything for you.

And, there’s ice cream.

Today, I had chilled lobster for lunch.

In other words, paradise.

I am actually typing out this blog from the last row of the Bird’s Nest stadium as the
men’s 10,000m race is running. It takes about 27 minutes. Which compared to
the race before, the women’s 100m, it’s an eternity. I wish these guys would
finish soon, so I can make my photo of these guys passing out over the
finish line.

Dammit. They just ran 10,000m, is no one tired? SO much for that photo, but
all is not lost. I got this cool shot while I was up here.

Tomorrow, I am sleeping in!