21 08 2008

Today, I went to the women’s beach volleyball gold medal game. USA vs China.
I knew it was supposed to rain. It pretty much poured the entire match. Of
course, I forgot my rain gear for the cameras, but I had enough plastic to
get by. Besides, it was all loaner gear! I had a rain jacket, but I rained
so much, it didn’t matter.

I was so wet, I don’t think there was a part on my body that isn’t still

The match ended 4 hours ago.

My poor photo vest, which I am required to wear when shooting, is pretty
wet. I came back to the super 8 with hope that there’d be a clothes dryer,
but alas, the nice young man behind the counter said something like “sorry
sir, you must wear wet clothes.”

I made a trip to the local WuMart and picked up a fan, which is currently
hopefully drying my vest. I have to shoot track tonight, which is outdoors.
It’s supposed to rain tonight.

Of course, my shoes are soaked, too. So much for goretex, but I guess when
you step in puddles that are 6 inches deep, there’s not much you can do.

I saw Politi after the match, he didn’t have a drop on him, which means that
wuss probably didn’t leave the press room.

The good news, it finally stopped raining.

Just as I got on the bus to leave.




4 responses

21 08 2008

Nice stuff dude. Hope you’re dry by now… since you’re close to sleeping.

21 08 2008

The chinese girl on the right is a helluva blackjack dealer at the Borgata. I was wondering where she has been.

22 08 2008
Jo-Ann Nelson

Hope the fan was able to do the job!!

Chris, as this Olympic event is winding down, I just want to thank you for being our eyes and ears in Beijing and giving us the opportunity to be part of the Olympic experience. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and outstanding experience and the best memorabilia we could have been given.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

22 08 2008

Oh My God Chris ! That medal podium pic is by far THE BEST picture I have seen from these Olympics !!! What an amazing moment. Bravo my man !

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